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Our club magazine Doll One informs our family members about upcoming exhibitions and events related to Käthe Kruse. It brings historical accounts about the life and work of the well-known doll mother and her creative family.

The Club magazine is published 3 times a year and is automatically reaching all members of the Käthe Kruse Family with the club sending. Also all our members get the current catalogs of the Käthe Kruse Company.

As a member of the “Käthe Kruse Family” enjoy special advantages: Experience Käthe Kruse family gatherings and excursions to the traditional workshops and museums. Three times a year you will receive the club magazine “Doll One”. This lovingly designed magazine covers Käthe Kruse, Historic, present and future. Also you can find information on current events, limited dolls and special offers for club members.

The popular dolls calendar and annual catalogs will be sent automatically. As a welcome gift you will receive our club pin and the Käthe Kruse collection book – a book about all the information on your Käthe Kruse dolls to collect and archive. We invite you to become a member. Especially popular is our doll calendar, which is coming at the end of the year along with a surprise gift.

We welcome you to our Käthe Kruse Family! Our club year always begins on first of May of each year and ends on 30th of April the following year. The membership fee is due for this period. If you join after the first of May you will get retroactively all the documents that have been published so far in the current club year. All applications that reach us after the 15th of March, apply for the next starting Club year. Please note that the processing of your application may take up to 8 weeks.

Notice period: If the notice to terminate the membership does not arrive on time – at least 6 weeks before the end of the club year (which is mid-March) the membership is automatically extended by one year. The Club year begins always on first of May.